Practice anytime,

with over 12 hours of pregnancy yoga classes and practices

You'll learn how to:

~ Feel better in your pregnant body
~ Practice at home, no need for special yoga gear
~ Relax and connect with your baby
~ Learn how to find calmness though your breath
~ Preparing yourself for an active birth

Plus these brilliant bonuses:

~ a supportive online community
~ 'positioning your baby' bonus clases
~ live Q&A's online

What's Included

over 12 hours of classes and learning

all of this...

Pregnant woman practicing yoga online on a computer

Module 1 ~ Move Your Body

Staying active in your pregnancy has many benefits to both physical and mental wellbeing. Reducing aches and pain, preparing your body for labour, boosting energy, gently strengthening. Classes focus on helping you feel confident and positive about your body.


This module includes:

  • A series of yoga classes of different lengths
  • Practices for all three trimesters
  • ​Classes for your mood and needs (energising, tension releasing, strength, calming)

Module 2 ~ Movement Shorts

A series of shorter movement classes, each around 15 minutes long. Targeting different body parts, also great when time is scarce.


This module includes:

  • Stretch your legs and feet
  • Ease out your back
  • Neck & Shoulder magic
  • Easy hips

Pregnant woman practicing yoga seated
Pregnant woman listening to yoga relaxation

Module 3 ~ Pregnant Pause.

The Art of Relaxation & Rest in pregnancy

Support your well being with a series of practices to de-stress, help you relax and find calmness.


This module includes:

  • Pregnancy relaxation yoga class (to allow your body to deeply physically rest and replenish)
  • ​Guided relaxations to help you drift off to a more restful head space
  • ​Beautiful guided meditations to connect you to your baby and your pregnancy.
  • ​Simple mindfulness for pregnancy to bring into your everyday to feel calmer and more grounded.
  • For all trimesters

Module 4 ~ Breathing for Pregnancy & Birth

Learn a series of simple but effective breathing techniques that will benefit you in pregnancy, in labour, and onwards into motherhood.


This module includes:

  • Learn why breathing is so important.
  • ​Learn how you can breathe better in pregnancy.
  • ​Learn breathing techniques that will help you stay calm and focused in labour.
pregnant woman sitting yoga relaxed
pregnant woman bump heart shape hands

Module 5 ~ Positive Pregnancy Mindset

How to keep or create a positive mindset in pregnancy, which can also help you have a positive birth experience.


This module includes:

  • Simple positivity ‘hacks’
  • A Positive Pregnancy Affirmations MP3
  • Printable Positive Affirmation Cards
  • An Inner Strength mindset practice
  • How gratitude can create positive mindset
  • Gratitude journaling guide

Module 6 ~ Birth Preparation

Brilliant practices and knowledge for your third trimester. Get your body and mind ‘birth-ready’with dedicated classes and guides & beautiful worksheets to download.


This module includes:

  • ‘Movement & Active Birth’ class series (for all stages of labour)
  • ‘Waiting for baby’ yoga practice
  • ‘Waiting for baby’ guided relaxation
  • How to use a birth ball
  • My Birth Preferences template
  • My Hospital birth bag & Home birth bag checklists
  • My ‘How to have a Positive birth’ Guide
women with newborn baby in hands
pregnant woman reading book cup of tea

Module 7 ~ Resources

A delve into my little black book of birth resources that I’ve gathered over the years. 


This module includes:

  • Empowering books to read
  • Inspiring podcasts to listen to
  • Lots of amazing inspiration

Plus these brilliant bonuses:

BONUS 1 ~ Community

In pregnancy connection is priceless. You’ll have access to my private online community for support, chat and pops of positivity. Connect with the vibrant and friendly For Modern Mothers Community, for discussions, tips and support with a growing community of pregnant and new mothers all navigating their way through the ups and downs together. 

BONUS 2 ~ Position your Baby

Learn how things you do in pregnancy can affect your labour. I’ve created this mini workshop to encourage your baby into an optimal position in the third trimester - so that you can hopefully enjoy an easier and more comfortable birth.

BONUS 3 - Live Q&As

Regular LIVE Q&A’s with Susan, founder of For Modern Mothers Ask your questions about pregnancy labour and birth and tap into my knowledge and expertise on pregnancy yoga, as well as a Doula, a birth coach, and an experienced antenatal and hypnobirthing teacher. 

What people are saying...

My escape to pregnancy yoga was my little sanctuary away from the chaos of daily life, it allowed me time to relax and connect with my pregnancy. I found the yoga positions and breathing techniques were so important during labour.


“ If Marks and Spencer's did pregnancy yoga classes they'd still look pretty crap compared to this.”


Susan is wonderful, very knowledgeable in so many areas of pregnancy and birth and I loved the structure of the classes.


The Online Pregnancy Yoga Program gives you:

~ Pregnancy yoga for all trimesters - get your body moving.
~ Pregnancy relaxation - deep rest for your body.
~ Beautiful meditations to help you press pause and reset.
~ Learn simple but powerful breathing practices.
~ Be more connected to your body and your baby
~ Techniques for a positive pregnancy & birth
~ Access to my online COMMUNITY of pregnant women
~ Brilliant guides & worksheets
~ Optional live Q&A's

Feel calmer, stronger, supported and empowered

Susan Bradley Pregnancy Yoga Teacher with twins

Your teacher

So a little about me. I’m Susan Bradley and I am the founder of For Modern Mothers. I am on a mission to make pregnancy yoga accessible and affordable to everyone, because there are so many benefits for you and your baby.

My approach is to bring you modern pregnancy yoga for the world we live in. Allowing you to practicing at a time to suit you (because time is always hard to find), giving you effective yet simple techniques that help you feel good in both your body and mind. I’ll also sprinkle in there a good dose of positivity, some top tips, and stir it all together with some key knowledge and techniques to help you prepare for your birth.

This course is a complete pregnancy and birth yoga package that is uplifting, inclusive and encouraging.

I’m a teacher, a coach and a community builder. My passion is in empowering women to have the best possible experience into and through the life changing transition that is motherhood. I'm known for providing a inclusive, nurturing, supportive yet pragmatic and no BS approach. I’m an experienced and trained as a Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Antenatal Educator, Hypnobirthing teacher, a trained Doula and general empowerer of women.

I have taught and supported many hundreds of women in person, and now bring my expertise to you in this unique, accessible and affordable online program.


1) How long can I access the program for?

For the whole of your pregnancy - you have access for 9 months

And if you want to rejoin in a future pregnancy, you get a 50% discount.

2) How many lessons and classes do I get?

There's over 12 hours of pregnancy yoga classes and practices

3) How much is the program?

Only £75

4) That sounds like amazing value?

It is! I really want the program to be inclusive and accessible to all. Yes you're right it's extraordinary value. You're welcome :)

It's my mission to support pregnant women, so they can feel positive and empowered in their pregnancy and motherhood.

Got a question?

Please get in touch, you can contact me here - [email protected]

I'm always very happy to hear from you.